GUEST SPEAKER TALK – HR Constituents in Mergers and Acquisitions

The most important reason for a firm to consider M&A is to take advantage of synergy, but there are so many failed cases due to the lack of experience and understanding. So what should you know about M&A and how to make it successful?

We are delighted to have Ms. Carole Zhu, Head of Human Resources in BNP PARIBAS CARDIF, to share her experience on handling real M&A deals from Human Resource’s perspective.  She shared that an effective integration will lead to a successful transaction while effective integration lies in strategy, leadership, governances, discipline and rigor, people and culture. The idea was further elaborated by interactive group discussions. The sharing session is very well-received and the students have enjoyed a great afternoon with her.

Ms. Carole Zhu shared her experience with our students in our campus