Career Development

Based on the Report on Manpower Projection to 2022^, the manpower demand of insurance industry (which includes direct insurance, reinsurance, and other insurance and pension related services) with postgraduate education level in Hong Kong will increase from 4,100 in 2012 to 6,400 in 2022, an increase of more than 50% in this 10-year period.

The Programme aims to provide students with an advanced training on insurance practice and quantitative skills that meets the needs of the insurance industry. It focuses on both theory and applications of risk management and insurance. Upon graduation, students are expected to:

  1. possess global perspective and be able to take on future leader and senior management roles in the fields related to risk management and insurance
  2. become highly skilled risk management specialists
  3. be able to develop and drive strategies on revenue growth, client distinctive value, operational excellence, talent development for the insurance industry
  4. vigorously lead on innovation of new risk management and insurance product and solutions, including exploitation and use of cutting edge technology

Graduates may take up the roles of insurance executives and managerial roles in various disciplines (e.g. risk management, product management, account management, claims, underwriting, customer service, loss management, agency management etc).

^Report on Manpower Projection to 2022 published by the Government of HKSAR in 2015