Messages from Insurance Leaders

This programme would undoubtedly be much in demand. I join all others in applauding the efforts in its establishment. I believe that the industry as well as the University are excited to witness its launch and continuous contribution to talents development for the insurance industry.

Dr Moses Cheng, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP
Chairman, HSU Council and Insurance Authority

This programme brings together the most up-to-date theory and practice for the insurance industry executives. Graduates would meet the demand of high quality professionals in the fast developing industry. I strongly recommend this programme to all insurance executives.

Dr Patrick Poon, SBS
Chairman, Harvest SCP Group Company Limited and
Sing Cheong Charitable Foundation Limited

Promoting professionalism amongst the insurance broking industry in Hong Kong has always been one of the most important roles of CIB. In this ever-changing business environment with all sorts of new risks emerging, insurance products become more sophisticated and hence there is always a strong demand for high quality tertiary education for insurance studies. Unfortunately, there has been a gap on this for long until now we have this programme organsied by the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong.

CIB strongly supports this programme which is conducted by professional lecturers who are all highly experienced industry practitioners.

Mr Patrick Chan
Chairman, The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers
Director and General Manager, Nova Risk Services Holdings Ltd
Director, Brokerslink AG

This programme mixes theoretical knowledge and practice experiences provided by top class academics and experienced insurance practitioners. The program aims to enhance technical knowledge, both locally and regionally, of the students.

Mr Edwin Chan
Managing Director, AR Consultant Services (HK) Limited

Congratulations to HSUHK for launching this programme. Hong Kong is an established insurance market and has been growing its place as the insurance hub in the region, and in the global economy. The opportunities arising will further fuel the demand for talents for our industry. As such, this master degree programme in Insurance has come at the perfect time. I am heartened to support this landmark programme that will nurture executives with broadened competencies and knowledge in this era of dynamism.

Mr Eric Hui
CEO, Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong)

I always mention Insurance is the most well-kept secret and the most mis-understood industry. With the launch of this very structured and sophisticated programme in Hong Kong, there is a high hope that the insurance industry can be demystified with a re-branded image.

Graduated talents will undoubtedly be important successors to key management and expert roles of the industry, reinforcing Hong Kong’s position as a sustainable international insurance center.

Ms Winnie Wong
CEO & Executive Director, Asia Insurance
CEO & Executive Director, Avo Insurance
Board member, Financial Services Development Council
Chairman, General Insurance Council, Hong Kong Federation of Insurers